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Several House District Records releases have been supported by DJ’s and producers by the likes of:



Dave Mak



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Who are we?

Based on the foundation of passion and love for the industry, we are an independent label, established in May 2019, that strives towards scouting rising talent with a dynamic and electrifying sound that can be ushered to the center stage of the EDM universe.

The list of extremely gifted artists under our brand is expanding all around the globe, with the ultimate goal being to truly leave an impression on the fabric of household genres such as Dirty Dutch, Big Room, Progressive House, putting special emphasis into festival genres.

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Latest News

Here we will post news regarding HDR and the whole music scene.


K3WRO brings the heat to ARCTICA! ❄🥶

In a cold place like Arctica, we need heat, and K3WRO delivers that heat. The South-African producer returns to the label with ‘Arctica‘, a collaboration with A-SIX. K3WRO is no[…]

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Let’s enter THE SAGA OF OZ with LION HARRIS! 🔥🧙‍♂️

Let’s all enter The Saga Of Oz with Lion Harris. Today we have the talented German producer return to the label after his previous release Shadows, which got supported by[…]

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