2020 in a nutshell🥜🎄

2020 in a nutshell🥜🎄

This 2020 we’ve discovered so many talented artists from around the globe. From Africa, Asia, Europe and North & South America. Unfortunately pinguins can’t produce 😥. However, what can we tell you that you already don’t know… COVID is still a thing right? 2020 has been a diastrous year pretty much for everyone. The music industry took a big hit, with live shows and massive festivals getting canceled left to right. Nonetheless, this year new trends continued poping up and eventually found their way into the music industry, festivals and labels hosting livestreams with DJs performing live.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the positives of 2020 by checking out what we accomplished as an indie label and what impact this had on artists.

In March, we released our very first Miami Sampler featuring artists like DARKWAY, STRDMS!, Tony Davila and others.

Cover art for the Miami Sampler 2020 EP

In May, we dropped Turn It Up by KOAV, which got over 70K streams on Spotify alone. It was our first release to get featured in a curated playlist by Spotify themselves!

Following up we dropped the massive Azetune & Friends Festival EP towards the end of July, including 8 tracks by Azetune and other artists like P3RP, Marc Blou, L4RZ, Victor Zacky & Sharp Man. One of the tracks; Texture by KOKJ, got supported by Maurice West on EUFORIKA 024. From there, the supports on our releases started going uphill.

Cover art for the Azetune & Friends Festival EP

After a couple of months, Turn It Up by KOAV reached 50K streams on Spotify, so we decided to host a remix competition. In September we released these remixes. A few days later we dropped ‘Shadows‘ by LION HARRIS which had previously been supported by Bassjackers (Marlon) on June 2020 in their youtube radioshow ‘Less Pays Bass 016‘. The list doesn’t end there, let’s not keep dragging more the time.

We can definitly say that 2021 will be even bigger compared to this year, we want to thank you all for being part of our journey. The support and love we receive is simply overwhelming and we can’t put into words how grateful we all are to you. Happy holidays and a happy new year from the HDR team ❤

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