Dominix releases stunning collaboration titled ‘Now You’re Gone’ 😈

After having releases on labels like Seal Network, Nik Cooper and TurnItUp Muzik. Indian producer Dominix is making his debut onto House District with this stunning Dark Progessive collaboration titled ‘Now You’re Gone’ together with Ozgun and XanTz.

This emotional Dark Progressive track, that features the vocals of Junior Paes, starts off with a dark melody and the vocals. Going towards the drop, which has those classic Dark Progressive sounds. The breakdown is the same as the intro, which also features these emotional vocals. Then it builds up towards the second drop, which completes the full track.

Now about the artists, Dominix is making his official debut here on House District with this collaboration alongside Ozgun and XanTz, these two names are both well-known here at the label. Ozgun, who is from Turkey and XanTz who is from Norway, also collaborated many times. Their last one being ‘Feel’ which came out in December 2020 here on HDR.

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“Now You’re Gone” is out now EVERYWHERE!