G-Stroke breaks the house down with ‘Conceit’ 💪

All the way from the Polish city of Wrocław, G-Stroke returns to House District with his all-new banger titled ”Conceit”.

This track starts off with a dark melody, building up to the heavy hitting drop with that G-Stroke signature sound. The dark leads blending in with the heavy kicks on the background make ‘Conceit’ a real anthem that breaks the dancefloor. 

Then the breakdown, with the cinematic drums and the choir vocal. Giving that last touch to this dark festival anthem. The second drop is more melodic, but does not change the fact that it doesn’t hit as hard. We can say that G-Stroke absolutely nailed the production of this track.

Now about G-Stroke, this producer is no stranger to our label. He has already released twice here on House District, dating back to his debut in August 2020 with ”Crusher” together with Barend Rauch. And his latest release being ”HEAT WAVE” which was released in January 2021.

We can guarantee you that G-Stroke is a producer to look out for, because he simply does not miss with any of his releases. So make sure you follow him on his socials to stay updated. Now make sure to stream his latest release ‘Conceit’ which is out now via our label!

You can grab the extended mix right here from our store, and it’s simply FREE!

“Conceit” is out now EVERYWHERE!

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