K3WRO and KOKJ don’t play around, ‘Useless’ is such a banger!🚒

K3WRO and KOKJ don’t play around, ‘Useless’ is such a banger!🚒

After a week without release, K3WRO and KOKJ take the stage with their latest banger, ‘Useless‘.

South African producer K3WRO hasn’t been taking it slow these past couple months. He’s releases have been popping off on streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Moreover, he has an insane catalog waiting to be released, so be on the look out for that!

The same goes for KOKJ, he’s been hitting up the studio a lot recently, and has a lot of gems waiting to be released. However, now it’s time for ‘Useless‘! This festival bomb hits hard, with an aggressive first drop and a more melodic second one. The vocal uplifts you to places you haven’t been before and gives you an insane energy boost!

This bomb has already been supported by Castor & Pollux, Robin Clyne, EXTSY, Azael, Euromerica Radio and many many more!

Useless is OUT NOW on every major streaming platform. Be sure to show some love by adding it to your playlist 😊

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