KOKJ and Marc Blou release long-awaited collaboration ‘Dream Away’ 🤩

After early supports from G-Sus, EXTSY, Castor & Pollux, Nactrix and others. Now, it is finally time to drop the long-awaited collaboration between KOKJ and Marc Blou right here on House District. This is Dream Away.

This huge track is definitely one for the dancefloor. Dream Away starts off with a great melody, with strong leads added along and great vocal chops. The drop hits with the great melodic Big Room leads and a crazy switch up of Dirty Dutch, the breakdown has a sweet vocal. However, going over to the second drop, a switch up compared to the first one and much more melodic.

Now about the artists, KOKJ and Marc Blou are both well-known artists here at House District Records, both artists participated in the first Azetune & Friends EP which dropped in July 2020.

Make sure you add Dream Away to your library now, supported by Maurice West, KEVU, TOSAK, Subliminals, Azael and many others!