XanTz and Greg Katona up the BPM on their flip of ‘Love Tonight’ ❤

After releasing ‘Victorious’ on the Stage Soldiers EP. Norwegian producer XanTz is back treating us with a sick festival mix of ‘Love Tonight’, together with Greg Katona.

This is not some ordinary festival mix, this one definitely stands out from most. Both producers teamed up and combined their creativity into one sick rework of a hitsong. The Love Tonight festival mix starts off with the build-up, with those classic Hardstyle kicks and melodic screeches.

Going over to the breakdown, with the vocal of this hit. It gives you that perfect festival feeling. Then building up to the second drop, with that Hardstyle melody. We can tell that both XanTz and Greg Katona nailed it with the production of this festival mix!

Now about XanTz, this producer is definitely not a stranger to our label. He has already released eight times here on House District, his debut was in October 2020 with ”In This Life‘. And his latest release is ”Victorious”, which was released on the Stage Soldiers EP, together with Blasting Recordings.

Greg Katona on the other hand, is now debuting here on House District Records. The DJ and producer from Hungary has previously released on Ensis Records and JAKD Recordings.

Make sure to follow both artists to stay updated with their careers, and get your free copy of the festival mix now!

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