We kick the year off with Marc Blou’s beast track ‘Feels Like’ πŸ”Š

It’s 2022, and we’re kicking the year off with this beast of a track, made by German producer Marc Blou.

Feels Like, that’s the name of this wellmade track of this talent. The track starts off with a vocal along with a sweet melody, switchting towards the buildup with that classic signature sound of Marc Blou. Then the drop, the structure that is also recognizable with those sounds of the German producer. The breakdown is pretty much the same as the intro, then going towards the second drop, which is much more melodic. The differences in the two drops make this track unique.

About Marc Blou, the German producer is no stranger to House District. He debuted back in 2020 with ‘Lose It’, alongside Azetune and DARKWAY. His most recent one being a festival mix of Miley Cyrus’s song ‘Midnight Sky’.

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“Feels Like” is out now EVERYWHERE!