We celebrate 100 releases in ‘The Afterlife’ 😈

We celebrate 100 releases in ‘The Afterlife’ 😈

We are more than proud to have achieved this milestone, we finally hit the milestone 100 releases, and we can’t thank you enough for this. We appreciate all your supports.

Now there is no better way to celebrate it than with ‘The Afterlife‘. Norwegian rising talent XanTz joined forces with Indian newcomer LinX to bring you this hard-hitting festival banger. This is The Afterlife.

The Afterlife starts off with an amazing melody together with a dark vocal, then going over to the hard-hitting drop. The breakdown gets you ready for the second drop, which is even crazier. With the leads right in your face, The Afterlife is definitely one for the books, with early supports by Castor & Pollux, TOSAK, Felix Harrer, Juzzo Praxer, 3D Nation ,DAANERZ, EXTSY, EZUMI, Nactrix in Sick Big Room Drops and SICK DROPS of April and many others. Make sure you get your hands on The Afterlife now.

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