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‘For My Own’ – the latest banger by Barend Rauch and Xhazt🧨

This time around, Barend Rauch is back together with Xhazt on ‘For My Own‘. Barend Rauch has visited House District Records before with ‘Crusher‘ back in August 2020 and ‘Fusion‘ recently with XanTz. Whereas Xhazt is an upcoming producer debuting on House District. Going over the release, ‘For My Own‘ is an explosive Big Room…
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Barend Rauch teams up with G-Stroke to create some serious HEAT! ??

Peruvian DJ and producer Barend Rauch is back on House District Records with a serious Big Room heater in collaboration with G-Stroke from Poland. This is ‘Crusher’, a Big Room track that perfectly fits in the festival category. Barend Rauch is a true HDR veteran, we all know him for his release ‘Timeless‘ that was…
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