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K3WRO and KOKJ don’t play around, ‘Useless’ is such a banger!🚒

After a week without release, K3WRO and KOKJ take the stage with their latest banger, ‘Useless‘. South African producer K3WRO hasn’t been taking it slow these past couple months. He’s releases have been popping off on streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Moreover, he has an insane catalog waiting to be released, so be on…
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Breseb joins the fam with Energy Drink! ?☕

HDR welcomes another producer to the family, this time it’s Breseb. This DJ and producer from Colombia debuts on the label with his track titled ‘Energy Drink‘, and we can guarantee that this track is very energetic. Breseb is known for his releases on labels such as Rivaside Records, Tridex Records and Riddle Light Records.…
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