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We dropped the long-awaited ‘Stage Soldiers EP’ with Blasting Recordings! πŸ”₯😱

This week is a very special week. We are dropping the long-awaited Stage Soldiers EP in collaboration with Blasting Recordings. This EP contains five insane festival bangers by artists like Ozgun, Max Aeris, XanTz, K3WRO and many others. Starting off with the first track, Turkish DJ and producer Ozgun joins forces with Max Aeris to create ‘Front To The Back‘. This Rave Room track is the perfect…
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K3WRO and KOKJ don’t play around, ‘Useless’ is such a banger!πŸš’

After a week without release, K3WRO and KOKJ take the stage with their latest banger, ‘Useless‘. South African producer K3WRO hasn’t been taking it slow these past couple months. He’s releases have been popping off on streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Moreover, he has an insane catalog waiting to be released, so be on…
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K3WRO and A-SIX pump the speakers with ‘Rave Energy’ πŸŽ‰

During March every year, Miami Music Festival takes place in Florida, but this year it got canceled due to COVID-19. Last year, the administration decided not to launch the event and this year it got canceled too. As we previously announced through our social media accounts, this year we won’t be putting together a Miami…
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K3WRO returns with a big festival bomb ‘Can’t Take Back’ πŸ’£

This guy definitely does not need an introduction, as he’s one guy to be on the lookout for, upcoming from the underground scene. With multiple releases here on HDR, the big man K3WRO is back with a festival bomb. This is ‘Can’t Take Back‘, already supported by Maurice West as demo of the week aka…
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Ending the year on a ELUSIVE way! πŸ”₯πŸ‘€

Today’s release is going to be the last release for 2020, we can all agree that this year has been tough for us all. That is why three HDR artists joined forces to create Elusive to end the year with a massive bang. Elusive is a perfect dancefloor anthem with such amazing Trance vibes that…
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K3WRO brings the heat to ARCTICA! ❄πŸ₯Ά

In a cold place like Arctica, we need heat, and K3WRO delivers that heat. The South-African producer returns to the label with ‘Arctica‘, a collaboration with A-SIX. K3WRO is no stranger to us, he debuted back in August with Dreams. That got supported by DAANERZ and Young Tye. Now K3WRO returns with his festival track…
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