Not even the jungle is ready for KOKJ🌴

Now that summer is fully upon us, what better way to celebrate than with KOKJ’s latest banger! Shortafter releasing ‘Useless’ with K3WRO on June 30th, Dutch producer KOKJ is back on HDR. This time he’s here to delight us with his highly anticipated single ‘Jungle Vibes‘. This beast of a track incorporates a flute, heavy…
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K3WRO and KOKJ don’t play around, ‘Useless’ is such a banger!🚒

After a week without release, K3WRO and KOKJ take the stage with their latest banger, ‘Useless‘. South African producer K3WRO hasn’t been taking it slow these past couple months. He’s releases have been popping off on streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Moreover, he has an insane catalog waiting to be released, so be on…
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KOKJ and Marc Blou release long-awaited collaboration ‘Dream Away’ 🤩

After early supports from G-Sus, EXTSY, Castor & Pollux, Nactrix and others. Now, it is finally time to drop the long-awaited collaboration between KOKJ and Marc Blou right here on House District. This is Dream Away. This huge track is definitely one for the dancefloor. Dream Away starts off with a great melody, with strong…
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Azetune & Friends Festival EP just dropped – MINDBLOWN! ??

The massive Azetune & Friends Festival EP just dropped today and it’s massive! Azetune and HDR teamed up with some upcoming producers from around the globe to bring you the best festival tracks you can ever imagine, from Big Room to Hard House. In this EP we have tracks by artists like KOKJ, P3RP, Verox,…
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