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Azetune & Friends Festival EP just dropped – MINDBLOWN! 🔥😱

The massive Azetune & Friends Festival EP just dropped today and it’s massive! Azetune and HDR teamed up with some upcoming producers from around the globe to bring you the best festival tracks you can ever imagine, from Big Room to Hard House. In this EP we have tracks by artists like KOKJ, P3RP, Verox,…
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L4RZ is back on HDR with Dystopia 🔥🔥🔥

HDR veteran L4RZ is back on the label with Dystopia, a collaboration with AROT and R3STRICT. We all know L4RZ, he’s been with House District Records since the very beginning, so he doesn’t need any introduction. AROT is known for his track ‘Lift Off” which came out in February. Indian DJ and producer R3STRICT is…
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