TKTA debuts with new festival banger ‘Roar’ 🐯

Hailing from Zambia, newcomer TKTA debuts on House District with an all-new festival banger titled “Roar“.

This banger starts off with a sweet melody and vocal, going over to the hard-hitting drop. The leads and kicks giving that festival energy. “Roar’s” breakdown is something out of this world, also having that jingle type of melody with the vocal. Building up to the second drop which is even more epic, finishing it off with a Trap-like breakdown.

Although TKTA is new to the scene, he’s already making steps that guide him towards a very successfull and interesting music career. It’s best for you to watch out for this guy! He can deliver bangers anytime of the day. So we recommend you follow him on all his social media to stay up to date with his music!

Make sure you get your hands on TKTA’s “Roar” right now or add it to your library on your favorite streaming platform!

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“Roar” is out now EVERYWHERE!

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