We dropped the long-awaited ‘Stage Soldiers EP’ with Blasting Recordings! ūüĒ•ūüėĪ

This week is a very special week. We are dropping the long-awaited Stage Soldiers EP in collaboration with Blasting Recordings. This EP contains five insane festival bangers by artists like Ozgun, Max Aeris, XanTz, K3WRO and many others.

Starting off with the first track, Turkish DJ and producer Ozgun joins forces with Max Aeris to create ‘Front To The Back‘. This Rave Room track is the perfect anthem to get you in the mood for this crazy week. Ozgun and Max Aeris have collaborated before, together with Olly James they created ‘Hook’. These two talents showed that even without the Rave Room King himself, they can create an absolute banger in this insane genre! 

Front To The Back has already been supported by the likes of Olly James, Feyo, Azael, 3D Nation and many others!

The second track comes from Barend Rauch, known for his previous releases here on House District. His latest one being ‘For My Own‘ together with Xhazt. This time the South-American talent collaborated with Barlettz from Canada, known for his release ‘Rise‘ together with XanTz. This is their collaboration titled ‘We Are The Future‘.

For the third release of the EP, we have two new names added to our roster. This is Radical Audio by Diley Simon and ICE CREAM. Both artists have previously released on labels like Outrave, Ensis and Blasting itself. Radical Audio is a psy-type of Big Room track with a trippy vocal.

The fourth¬†track¬†comes¬†from the¬†wellknown¬†Norwegian producer¬†XanTz.¬†Known¬†for his¬†releases¬†like The Afterlife, Feel, Fusion and his¬†latest¬†one;¬†Rays¬†of Gold.¬†XanTz¬†has¬†proved¬†us many¬†times¬†that he is one to look out for, and with his new solo track ‘Victorious‘ he has¬†proved¬†that once again.¬†XanTz¬†created¬†this¬†track¬†and¬†tested¬†it out¬†live¬†in¬†the club Instant-Fogas Complex¬†in Hungary to¬†see¬†if the¬†audience¬†liked¬†it and¬†that with great¬†success.

And now it’s¬†time¬†for the¬†last¬†track.¬†This¬†one¬†is by¬†K3WRO,¬†another talented producer who is known¬†here on House District Records.¬†Last¬†week¬†the South-African talent made his¬†debut¬†on Revealed with his¬†solo¬†track¬†‘Lucky Now‘, and now it’s¬†time¬†for his¬†other¬†solo¬†track¬†‘Bangertown‘ which¬†received¬†support¬†by the¬†likes¬†of¬†EXTSY,¬†Feyo¬†and¬†others.¬†

Make sure you add these tracks to your library when they all completely release on October 8th!

‘Stage Soldiers EP’ is out now EVERYWHERE!

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