What’s with all the sublabels? Talent? Money? 🤑

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What’s with all the sublabels? Talent? Money? 🤑

It appears that Smash The House, the label by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, is launching more and more sub divisions. With the most recent one being House Of House Records. Adding them all up, you’ll find a total of five sub-labels; Generation Smash, Smash Classics, Smash Deep, Green Room by Like Mike and now also House Of House by Dimitri Vegas.

Announcement of Smash the House on Instagram

It seems that it is becoming more and more of a trend with labels, the well-established HEXAGON by Don Diablo has also launched multiple sub divisions; TIME MACHINE by RetroVision, Prophecy Recordings by Dropgun, Bring The Kingdom by King Arthur and ofcourse their own sub-label GenerationHEX. Next to the fact that these sub-labels are being launched one after the other, the amount of releases are also being pushed to the limit.

Latest release on GenerationHEX

As seen with Revealed Radar (formally known as Revealed.DJ or Revealed Community). The real question now remains, are these labels for upcoming talents or is it all about the money?

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